KIMUN 2017: Beautiful Memories


My name is Baraah Massalha, I’m 15 years old. Six months ago, I joined the “Debate For Peace” program and from there began the march to achieve the goals of my life.

During this period I have had great experiences, including a conference in Kosovo which was the most special and unique experience I ever had.
Through this wonderful experience [visiting Kosovo] I have come to know a new state, a new civilization, new friends and, of course, realistic heroic stories for the people of this majestic country.
Spending time in this beautiful country with nice people, the great experiences and activities, will keep this trip among the most beautiful memories of my life.
By: Baraah Massalha

Traveling Abroad: Don’t Hesitate; Make Friends


KIMUN 2017 was an unforgettable experience, not only because it was my first conference abroad, but because it was also my first time in Kosovo, a place rich of culture, friendly people and much more.

Before the trip, I had mixed feelings about it. It wasn’t my first time abroad without my parents, but it was my first time abroad with people whom I’ve never met before, total strangers. I wasn’t nervous, but I was a little bit concerned about what’s going to be there and how I’m going to adapt. But as soon as I arrived, I realized that everything is going to be just fine. The people who were complete strangers became a second large family.

In Kosovo we did a little of everything: some tourism, some MUNing, some shopping, and the most important: we made new friends. I personally enjoyed each and every bit of this trip thoroughly. We visited many historical and cultural places, especially on the day in which we visited Prizren. We firstly visited one of the mosques of the city. Secondly, we visited the church of mother Teresa who is considered an important national figure for Kosovars and Albanians. We then headed to meet with the head of the Jewish community in Prizren, and crowned the day with a visit to a Sufi mosque.

Catholic church visit

I made a lot of ‘international friends’ in Kosovo, from Kosovo and from other countries as well. These friends are super special, everyone of them has his own interesting story. and I hope I’ll meet them again very soon.

This trip ended with a bittersweet feeling. I was happy that I was part of it, and sad that it’s done. It is an experience of a life time.

My advice: Do not hesitate to take part in events like this. Pack your bags, and head straight to the plane, just don’t forget your passport.

By: George Abu Daoud

Snowball fight with new friends

KIMUN: A Unique Trip

By Noam Williams



Let’s begin from the end. I know that i’ll come back to Kosovo and I’ll continue being in touch with my friends from the delegation and my Albanian friends.

WhatsApp Image 2017-12-08 at 9.53.05 AM
Meeting the head of the Jewish community

On 29.11 me and 10 students from all over the country: 5 muslim arabs, 5 jews  ( including me) and 1 christian flew to Kosovo. Before the flight I didn’t know much about Kosovo or about the kids that flew with me, but now sitting in my house in Netanya four days after I came back I can say that I met some amazing kids  and I discovered a unique country with a unique culture and some warm people.


When we arrived at the hotel, the best moment of the trip for me happened.

 At 11:59 PM, all the delegation were in the lobby with me and we counted the seconds  till my birthday. And at 00:00  all of the delegation sang happy birthday to me in three different languages: english, hebrew, and arabic,. It was really unique and in that moment I understood that this was a unique trip and that these kids are my friends.



My birthday. We went in the morning to the UN mission to Kosovo they explained to us about their work and their project. I really liked that meeting because my dream job is to work in the UN.


After this we went to a big shopping center where we bought present for our families, and afterwards we met some of our Albania friends. In the beginning i was scared because they were older than us by 5 years. But they sang to me happy birthday in Albanian!

WhatsApp Image 2017-12-01 at 2.03.49 PM


The first day of the conference we met our Albanian and Turkish friends from the american school in Kosovo.  

We spoke about sports and hobbies in our countries  and had fun



We went to Prizren one of the  most beautiful cities i ever saw.

But before we arrived there we stopped in the house of the Albanian/Kosovo national hero (Adem Jashari) his story was really sad. Afterwards we went to Prizren where we visited a unique road. This road included a sufi mosque a Sunni mosque, an Albanian church and a serbian orthodox church and a jewish center which is still being built. We met the head of the jewish community, and I translated for him from french to English, and we also met the head of the Catholic church and the head of a Sufi community

Meeting those people that live in peace was really inspirational and unique  


Meeting the head of the Halveti community


The first day of the mun. It was really fun and challenging it was fun representing the country that i got and i really  had fun with they other kids.  



The last day. It was a full and hard day

In the morning we did check out i was really sad because i understood that it’s my last day in this amazing country.


We went to Kosovo parliament for the last session of the mun. At the end of the conference, after all the pictures, we  all signed  each other on the signs of the state. We arranged to meet in the evening with the friends from the American school and went to speak with the representative from the American Embassy. The representative explained to us about her life as a diplomat and explained to us her difficulties in work.

Then we went to a restaurant and talked to different people

And then we went to meet with the only family from Kosovo who has been recognized so far by Yad Vashem as חסידי אומות עולם . They explained to us about Besa, something that I personally think should be explained to every Israeli wherever he is. After the conversation we went out for two hours with our friends from the American school. We took photos . They came with us to the hotel and told us all to see each other in the hope that we would meet again.

Then we went to the airport and realized that it’s the end of the trip . I’ll come home with all my experiences and all my new friends.

I knew that I would return to Israel and tell everyone about the most enjoyable trip.

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KIMUN: Friends Who Are Different


A spontaneous hug between Jewish and Muslim friends

The MUN conference in Kosovo was an experience that changed my life. I met incredible people that I now consider family. In previous conferences I was active during the debate but failed to make personal connections with the people around me. This conference was different. Even though I had only met the group I traveled with two days before the conference I already trusted them and loved them. They made this conference an amazing experience through which I made many connections I hope to keep. Those people, so different from me that I would never have imagined they could be my friends, became people I trust with my life.

Some of them don’t share my religion. Some don’t share my ethnicity. Others don’t share my opinions. And I had a great time arguing with all of them. I argued about politics and about human rights. I argued about capitalism and about the army. I was challenged. I was forced to think differently and creatively. It was an exercise for the mind, and I came out of it with some new perspectives, but also more confident than ever in some of my own.

The trip to Kosovo also introduced me to an amazing country with great sights and incredible stories. I learned about the national hero of Kosovo, and about a Jewish doctor and an Albanian man who saved each other’s lives during World War II. I saw churches, mosques and a Jewish community center standing one next to the other. I had snow fights on old bridges and passed an abandoned church on my way to the university of Pristina. I nearly froze to death and five different people offered me five different kinds of help. I shopped for clothes and walked around the biggest mall I have ever seen.


All those things and many more made this an unforgettable experience. I was very happy to come back home, to my family and my friends, but I carry this trip with me, and talk to the friends I made there all the time.

By Inbar Shaked Vardi

Aviv’s Experience: The Trip to Kosovo



It took me a few days to process everything I experienced during my time in Kosovo as a part of the “Debate for Peace” MUN delegation.

Such a wonderful country with a great and interesting history and culture and even greater people.

The Kosovars who accompanied us during our stay there couldn’t have been more welcoming, the kindness and hospitality that was shown to us is definitely a thing that I will never forget!

Another thing that I found admirable is the freedom of religion in Kosovo, whether if it is the people who were so interested in my Jewish identity and Israeli ethnicity or whether is this one street that we saw which included a church, a mosque and a synagogue.

In terms of our delegation, I was lucky to meet such inspirational teenagers with such a diversity of ethnicity, religion and political stands.

We argued, we debated but mostly we loved each other, and that is the ideal of the relationships between different groups in our land, we do not have to agree but we have to respect and cooperate in order to see a brighter future!       

By: Aviv Hanuka


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KIMUN 2017: From Strangers to Family

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All it took was a couple of days in Kosovo to make a family out of strangers.

When I got to the airport I was both exited and terrified, millions of questions going through my mind. Are the people I’m going with nice? How is the conference is going be? (We were still confused about how exactly the conference would work), will the food be good?

When we landed in Turkey we had 8 hours to kill. Steven told us to work together on our resolutions, but we were too tired to do anything. We did work a little but we ended just talking and having fun and getting to know each other. Let’s keep in mind we were 5 Jewish, 5 Muslims and 1 Christian, who all think differently from one another.

When we arrived in Kosovo, the people working at the airport were smiling at us, their smile was very welcoming.

The first day was meeting the others who were participating in the conference. It was kind of scary because they were older than us (20 and up), but talking to them made me at ease.

Second day was an opening ceremony for the conference, they divided us into groups to find resolutions on the topics we are debating about, and we got to meet more amazing people.

The third day we had a field trip to Vushtrri, one of the oldest cities in Kosovo, well known for its very old bridge that survived the war of Kosovo. Then to Prekaz, visiting the remains of the house of the legendary Kosovan commander Adem Jeshari, his grave and his family museum. Our final stop was in Prizren, the second largest city in Kosovo. In Prizren we visited Christian, Jewish and Muslim sites and we met with the head of the Catholic community in Kosovo, the head of the Jewish community in Kosovo, and the head of the Halveti Sufi order in the Balkans.

As the days went on, we’d go to the conference in the morning, then go to the meetings that Steven planned for us, meeting some amazing people, gotta thank Steven for that.

But let’s not forget the nights I shared with 10 amazing, cool people, having our own little party, waking each other up in the early morning to sneak out to see snow, sharing our stories, teaching each other some traditional dance moves, getting to know each other’s culture, teaching  the Jews some Arabic (that was the best).

And also the people we met from Kosovo are amazing, wonderful, awesome, super cool. The sweetest ones, they have become chapters in my life.

Goodbye was the worst. I’m going to miss every single person I met and got to know through the trip, I feel this trip needed more days, or it just ended too fast because we were having fun, I’m going to try my best to keep in connected with as many as I can.

The days I have been in Kosovo were one the best days in my life.
I got on a plane with strangers, and we came out as a family.

By Mariam Abdallah

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From right: Alia, Mariam, Noam

KIMUN 2017: An Amazing Experience

By Mayada Othman

Kosovo International Model United Nations 2017:

I did not know that going to Kosovo would be that amazing.


WhatsApp Image 2017-12-10 at 9.40.37 PM

At first, I was so scared and nervous-traveling abroad with people I didn’t know, especially since it was my first time to travel without my family.

But it turned out that you guys……. were more than a family. I literally enjoyed every second.

The eight hours we had to spend at the airport passed really fast: we talked, we played, we laughed and we helped each other with everything, just like family members, I love you guys.

WhatsApp Image 2017-12-10 at 9.40.36 PM
With delegation members at the UN Volunteering Day event

The people in Kosovo were more than amazing , they did their best for us to always feel well and comfortable during our stay there. It really felt like home, ain’t no words can describe you guys️.

WhatsApp Image 2017-12-10 at 9.40.38 PM
With ICHAT Director Besmir Kokollari

And I want to thank Mr. Steven Aiello, the director of “Debate for Peace” for taking care of us and for being really nice and lovely.

And last but not least, a huge thank to the person who always cheers me up, the one who was the main reason I got the opportunity to travel to Kosovo, the one who wants the best for me and for everyone, the one who always gives me the right advice at the right time, my best friend, my role model, and my English Teacher Mr. Salah Fokra, you are a real legend. Thank you for believing in me; I will never let you down.

And finally thank you all for making my senior year an unforgettable one 🇽🇰️.

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Ready for college