Travel Tips by Maya: Oxford MUN Reflections

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By Maya Qawasmi

We had a full week of amazing meetings about different subjects with different people, in which each one of them gave us much information and values to leave with. I liked the museums that we went to and the Harry potter place. I met many people from different places, and they become my friends, especially my group members.
Finally, we had three unusual and fantastic days at the oxford conference, a wonderful opportunity and the tiny oxford bear we got is nice!

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Tips and notes
1 – when you leave the plane your bag is going to shake with you so dress well
2 – take photos for your group members while they are sleeping in the plane
3 having the higher bed choice = bumping your head on the roof
4 Take videos for the spontaneous moves that one of your group members is going to make
5 two hours in the supermarket = strawberry + spaghetti (trust me you gonna throw it)
6 chocolate is not food
7 sleep a lot on the train and run fast so you could be behind “speed”
8 Try to not get sick on Saturday especially if the one responsible for you keeps shabbat
9 Make new friendships and have fun
10 The KFC in London is the best and it’s halal
11 Don’t fall asleep when they play piano
12 Hug someone in the street wearing strange alien costome but don’t take his ads
13 Listen carefully in the meetings and discuss a lot
14 Stomach medicine, Stomach medicine, Stomach medicine
15 When you see something moving in the museum that doesn’t mean that you are crazy
16 Hit the Harry potter wall, make strange shapes in the museum and don’t care about people.

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