10 Commandments

10 Commandments (Schools)

Please read these guidelines for participation by schools and contact us with any questions.

  1.       Deadlines: Observe all relevant deadlines.
  2.       Read ALL instructions: Follow our guidelines before bringing students to events (For MUN conferences, see here).
  3.       Inform your students: Make sure that students receive all relevant updates quickly.
  4.       Come prepared: You must attend for the full duration of the event, students must have prepared as necessary, have materials for reading, writing or other expected tasks, and be dressed appropriately for the event.
  5.       Fees: We try to keep events free, or as low-cost as possible. However, cancellations and last-minute changes carry penalties.
  6.       Plagiarism: We have zero tolerance for plagiarism. Make sure your students understand the issue, and check material before it is submitted.
  7.       Language: Our events are almost always in English. Students must have basic communication skills in English.
  8.      Behavior: we have a zero-tolerance policy for misbehavior, including any disrespect of one another, teachers and staff, or anyone else they encounter at our events. Schools are responsible for all the members of a delegation.
  9.      Communicate: any anticipated issues clearly and in advance via email. We will do our best to accommodate.
  10.      Encourage students: New experiences can be challenging, and some students find the English challenging. We provide a positive environment and support. It is important to keep telling students that they can do this.