Alumni Profiles:

Hi, my name is Sana Zahalka. I am a senior in Al Qasemi high school in Baqa Al-Gharbiyya, originally  from Kfar Qara. I’ve been a part of the MUN workd for four years now; participating in over 11 conferences as delegate, chair, and Secretary General.

To me, MUN was what helped break the barrier I had, which was the fear of public speaking; it helped shape my personality as well as my social skills, furthermore it has also given me a lot of tools that I have used in other parts of my life.
Surprisingly, I love school, I like knowing new things and reading, and alongside MUN, English and sciences are my favorite things about school.
When I’m not in school, you can find me either reading a book or playing the guitar, I also have participated in debate and peace programs such as Heart to Heart and Creativity for Peace- I’m currently a spokesperson for H2H and a young leader in CfP.
After I graduate, I want to do charity work, prepare to study medicine in university, and also travel. I really want to go to Europe especially Italy.

My name is Hala Majadly. I am a 12th grader in Al-Qasemi high school in Baqa Al-Gharbiyya, which is also my hometown.
In 9th grade, I joined this project that is called MUN, which makes this year my 4th year in  the MUN world. I have been to 10 conferences so far (that might be inaccurate because I lost counting at some point).
When people see me go to all these conferences with English coming out of my mouth, they ask me: “Hala, what do you really gain from making so much effort in making speeches and preparing for them?”. My answer is simple. I have gained political knowledge, self-confidence, new English words, new friends, and a better view of a brighter future (hopefully). Who knows…maybe my interest in the English language at school “dragged” me into this MUN project, and I’d certainly do it once again if I got the chance.
Besides all that serious stuff, I want to add that I love cats, chocolate, and Japan, which has been in my mind for a while, so maybe I’ll give it a visit someday.


My name is Yafa Nassar, I’m almost 16 from Araba, I study in Al-Bashaer high school in Sakhnin.

I have been in MUN and Debate for Peace for about a year. During this short time I have experienced many new amazing things like being part of the delegation to the EU in Belgium and participating in MUN conferences.

I have gained a lot of things by being part of this amazing program, like making new friendships, expanding my knowledge in the political sphere, improving my English skills, raising my awareness and making myself more confident.

I think that although we are still young, we have a better chance and ability to make a change and to inspire others. I’m pretty sure that if we use the differences  that we have in each culture, background and perspective in a good way, we’ll have a bright future

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Hello everyone, my name is Tomer Dovzhenko and I am from Gedera.
MUN became one of my biggest passions as soon as I started it, and since then I always look for opportunities to attend conferences. To me, MUN is an activity that singlehandedly allows its participants to improve in most of the most essential skills required for real life.
I play hockey (both ice and inline) competitively, which has improved my capability of working with other people. I was also a part of the debate team of my school a few years ago. I really enjoy film-making, editing and photography, which have taught me to work by myself and appreciate the outcome of my work. Some of the places I really want to travel to one day are Athens, Rome, Iceland and Finland.

alon 3

My name is Alon Mor, almost 16 years old from Petah Tiqwa (a little city near Tel Aviv), and I study in Ben Gurion High School. I have been in MUN and Debate for Peace for three years including this year.

During this time, I have experienced many new interesting and unique things that I doubt I could have done if I wouldn’t have joined the team. I participated in many UN conferences, mostly here in Israel and one even in Romania, and traveled abroad to a Leadership Camp in Connecticut, in the US.

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Arielle Liberman
Grade: 12th
School: Yachad Modi’in
Hometown: Originally from Boston Massachusetts, but I moved to Modi’in, Israel 4 years ago.
Years in MUN: Two years, and currently in charge of the school’s MUN club with Oz Alfy.
What I’ve liked in MUN:
Model United Nations is an amazing program. At my first conference, I was nervous because I’d never done anything like this before. But before I knew it, I was passing motions for moderates/unmoderated caucuses, passing resolutions, feeling comfortable making speeches, and recently, chairing. I definitely feel as though I gained skills such as: leadership, public speaking, persuading people who don’t agree with you and just talking to people who have extremely different opinions than you do.
Besides the skills that I’ve gained, I’ve learned a lot about what our world struggles with today, and what you can do to change it too.
In school I am majoring in 5 points Diplomacy and 10 points computers, two things I feel are important to me: learning how to publicly speak and learning the other side of everything, mathematics/computers, both of which I enjoy.
After school, I volunteer with Holocaust survivors which I enjoy a lot (I feel it’s important to hear their stories and just know that we’re there for them). I also enjoy video editing and picture editing when I have free time.
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I am Malak, an eleventh grader at the Nazareth Baptist School.
I am a beginner in MUN, yet my very first experience was fascinating.
Getting to participate in a program like it is a unique opportunity and teaches you a lot.
My curiosity along the years has always driven me to look for answers to so many questions that I had, either academic, political or even social.
For that I attended several programs that opened up my mind to different worlds.
One of those programs is about peace-building and co-existence (the Jerusalem Peacebuilders) and took place in New Haven, Connecticut and fortunately it has led me to know about and join MUN.
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Hey, my name is Omar Yaseen from a small Muslim village Kfar Qara, I study at al-nahda school. Seven months ago I started something new which is MUN, the program that changed my vision and my thought about Jewish people. I started having new friends from different cities and different religion, maybe most of my friends are against having Jewish friends but I disagree with them.
My best experience was in Belgium when I presented the Arabian community in Israel and most of the people that I met didn’t know that we even exist.
I recommend for every one to join this program, at least to try it and meet with new people from different visions and opinions. Because if we want to change something we should start by changing ourselves, so if we want to have peace between Arabs and Jews we need to change our opinions about them and meet as much as we can to understand each other, at the end we are all humans.
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My name is Marsel Badir. I am currently 16 years old, and I live in Kfar Qasim. I am Muslim, I study in Al-Qasemi High School in Baqa al-al-garbiyye and most importantly I am part of a group called Debate for Peace!

I’ve been doing Model UN for the past one and a half year and honestly its been an amazing time! Debate for Peace opened a channel that I did not believe existed up until my first conference. it made me realize that policy is not only about change, it is the way we embrace ourselves and we share our opinions with the acknowledgement that even though we are so diverse, we are not that different.


Hello everybody,

My name is Yonatan Andresen, I got into MUN through studying Diplomacy and World Wide Communication at my school. Since I started with MUN I fell in love with the program and think I got to learn a lot from it.

I am almost eighteen years old; I study at Ha’Alon High School in Yavne, majoring in Diplomacy and World Wide Communication as stated above, and in Translation and  Geography.

Apart from computer gaming, I enjoy world history and basketball.

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Hi, my name is Amalia, I’m 16 year old, I live in Tel Aviv, and I’m in 11th grade in Pelech Kriyat Ekron. I’ve only been in one MUN conference so far and I already feel like I have learned so much from this program. MUN has given me a chance to interact with diverse interesting people that otherwise I’d never have gotten the chance to meet. It has also given me the opportunity to see a certain conflict from a different point of view from what I’m used to. I believe that MUN is one of the best ways to learn how to discuss current issues because it teaches you how to listen to others opinions and how to compromise in order to reach a peaceful agreement. I look forward to learning more about different conflicts around the world and different ways to solve them in a open minded environment in this enriching program.
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Hi! My name’s Gabrielle, but people call me Fiona. I’m a Filipino-Indonesian currently living in Israel and I am a junior at Tabeetha School. I’ve been participating in MUN conferences for a year and a half now and it continuously inspires me to get out of my comfort zone, explore world issues and to work with people to find solutions to global issues. Aside from politics and foreign affairs, I’m highly interested in technology, philosophy and photography. Some of the places I’d love to travel to are South Africa and the Maldives.

Hello everyone, My name is George Abu Dauod, 16 years old, a junior at St. Joseph Seminar and High School in Nazareth. I was introduced to Model United Nations two years ago when I was in 9th grade. Since then, I’ve learned many valuable things and gained super helpful skills. First of all, English! MUN played a great role in improving and increasing my English fluency. Second of all, MUN has boosted my self confidence, even though I was on stage many times before, it was never as comfortable and confident as MUN made me. But it’s not only about linguistic skills and self confidence, it’s also about being able to understand different narratives and perspectives, no matter how different they are from yours, and even defend them. All that, and we still didn’t get to the cherry on top! We get to be diplomats for a day or two, and (of course…) wear suits. I’ve been to many conferences during the past two years, both as a delegate and as a chair, and I’ve enjoyed the experience thoroughly. These conferences were a great opportunity for me to meet new people, and make new friends. This December, I’m joining a DfP delegation to an international conference in Kosovo, and I couldn’t be more excited! MUN has contributed so much to my knowledge and skills and has become an integral part of my life. I’m still going on with my journey, but it’s never too late to start yours if you haven’t yet, if you have the passion, then MUN is the place for you too!

Thank you for reading this till the end, I know that many don’t…



Hello, my name is Omri Weinstock and I am a 10th-grade student in Y.H. Brenner high school in Petah Tikva.

I have been to 9 Model United Nations conferences so far in the 3 years I know MUN.
What I primarily like about MUN is the atmosphere, an atmosphere of serious participants, teenagers from my age, that attempt to solve different international situations using their skills of speech, negotiation, and problem-solving.
Since my first conference in MUN I have improved my talked English as well as my written English. I was also exposed to many crises that occurred and still occurring around the globe, crises that I wouldn’t have the chance to know about if it weren’t MUN. I also met many new friends from different schools and cities around the country and had a chance to encounter their different point of view and discuss variuos topics that don’t actually belong to the MUN conference.
I’m interested in medicine, I’m in medicine class in my school and I truly strive to become a doctor someday. I am a water polo player in Hapoel Petah Tikva competitive water polo club and I’m a coordinator in Petah Tikva’s branch of Krembo Wings, a unique youth movement for participants with and without special needs.
I warmly recommend you to join MUN as it is teaching, challenging and most importantly, fun!
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My name is Sharehan Aloqaily. I am 17 years old, I am a Bedouin girl from Beer-Almshash (unrecognized village), I study at Abu-Tlul high school , with a five-point specialization in Biology, and I am very interested in Biological science. Now I am in the 12th grade, and it’s my first year in the Debate for Peace project. I have participated in projects before such as: Access, In Blink of an Eye, Bridges of Peace, NBA meeting, The Road to Success, Music in Common. All these projects make me realize that we need peace to live, there’s nothing that justifies racism– you are a human and I am a human. Let us end these false beliefs- you want to live and me too, whether you are Muslim or Christian or Jewish or Druze, “you are a human.” Let us build the bridge of peace for future generations, to leave a good impact behind us. That’s what my high school Ort Abu Tlul taught me through its amazing projects. I want to inspire others, and I’m so glad to be a part of this great project and to tell the others about my message. I believe that everyone can negotiate for a peaceful solution.
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 Hi! My name is Avraham Scharlat but most people call me Avi. I’m 15 years old, Jewish, and live in Modi’in which is a city situated in central Israel. I am a sophomore in Yeshivat Netiv Meir in Jerusalem. I moved to Israel 3 years ago from the United States and have been attempting to adapt to the culture ever since. I started MUN a few months ago and in that short period of time I have learned an incredible amount about politics, diplomacy, and even Israel itself. What I hope to gain from this program is not just knowledge regarding diplomacy and the UN, but also to build trust and gain understanding from the many unique peoples that make up this land. I truly hope that one day we will be able to respect and learn from each other’s differences in peace.
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Allah says in the Noble Quran [ O mankind! Lo! We have created you male and female, and have made you nations and tribes that ye may know one another. Lo! the noblest of you, in the sight of Allah, is the best in conduct. Lo! Allah is Knower, Aware.]

One of the most educational platforms which I’ve joined in my life is MUN (Model United Nations). Through it I have been able to develop many aspects in my life, including the social aspect, by joining conferences, debating, attending lectures, negotiations…etc.

I hope that everyone who wants to start a new page in his life will join MUN.

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Hello I’m Ofri Bohadana
I live in Palmachim and I go to Brener school.
I had the amazing opportunity to live in Australia for six years which helped with the improvement of my English and falling in love with with this amazing language.
For me MUN means learning about different countries and their point of view and  getting to know  and interact with people from different countries and cultures that I don’t get to interact often. But most importantly, MUN is a place where you open your eyes to problems and issues that countries face and get to express your country’s outlook without feeling “attacked” because some have different opinions.
I’ve always believed that if humans were taught communication skills and the expression of their opinions in a more peaceful and respectful way, our world would be a safer and better place.
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Hey! My name is Or Moshe and I am a senior at Ort Givatayim high school. I have been participating in MUM conferences since 10th grade. I study diplomacy and communication in English as my major in school and my dream is to become an ambassador. The quote “be the change you wish to see in the world” by Gandhi describes MUN best in my opinion, because that’s what MUN is all about, one step on our way to change.
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Hey! It’s Khetam kalash
I am 16 years young, living in Kafr Qara, Israel, learning in Alnahda school!
I love too many things, and debating is one of them.
I started my journey with Debate For Peace a year ago and I’ve already participated in 4 conferences, with the number growing.
Because of DFP I got the opportunity to participate in the Jerusalem Peacebuilders program and to visit the USA!!( people that aren’t involved with DFP can’t visit 🇺🇸 that easy.. don’t tell anybody).

Hello, My name is Zohar Yaron, I am 17, living in Even Yehuda and studying in Wizo Hadassim High school.

I have been a part of Debate for Peace for several months and it has brought me my most unique experiences, for example being a part of the delegation to the EU in Brussels, participating in conferences and meeting with diplomats.

Through Debate for Peace I have also met new teens of my age that have turned out to become my closest friends, people that I wouldn’t have met if we haven’t participated in the same program.

I have gained many new and important skills from my participation as public speaking, English, Conflict solving, debate and much more but also different skills of how to view people, life, how to treat each other.

In the future I want to continue fight for the cause of peace, I would like to travel and help where I can and always stay positive because I believe we can change for better.

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Aviv Hanuka, Sharet High school, Netanya, Jewish.
My experience with diplomacy and international relations started when I chose Diplomacy as one of my two high school majors (my other major is physics),
and ever since then it has been one of my main interests. Having global knowledge and understanding are very important tools in our world.
I can witness that my MUN experience has opened my eyes to a new world of content and by doing so gave me these tools, and this is one of the main reasons I have joined the “Debate For Peace” program, so that other students will be able to have the opportunities to gain the skills and the knowledge I have gained during my MUN experience.
My main interests are surfing, international politics and diplomacy, and basketball.
I have traveled to many countries in Europe but I haven’t traveled to the USA yet. I am a big fan of American music and culture, therefore I am really interested in doing so in the future.
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My name is Shai Lenman. I am a senior in Ort Binyamina. I was introduced to MUN last year and since then I have been to three conferences and I’m looking forward to my next ones. Participating in MUN conferences has helped me meet new fascinating people, improve my public speaking skills, and become more aware to the global issues in the world today. Joining MUN and more specifically the Debate for Peace community has also created numerous opportunities. In my first conference I was granted a scholarship to attend a Jerusalem Peacebuilders summer camp. The camp has helped me get to know people who are so different from me and I would not have had the chance to have this amazing experience if not for MUN. In my opinion anyone who wants to improve their English skills, their public speaking skills, meet incredibly unique people, and get to learn about the issues the world is facing has a place in the MUN community and should most definitely join the next conference.

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Salam! My name is Sabaa Taha, I’m 17 years old, I’m a Muslim, I live in Kufur Qasem town, and I study at Al Jadeda high school.

In MUN, people from different cultures, religions, races, and colors sit in the same room sharing ideas and seeking peace to find resolutions. Our differences can help us get along together, they can unite us and that is something that the MUN experience has taught me.

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Name: Shaked Haninovich
School: Brener high school.
I live in Misgav Dov (near Yavne and Gedera).
I’m Jewish.
I love classical music, and play that on the piano and I study that as a major in school (except from diplomacy).
I really want to explore the Buddhism in Tibet , so I’ll like to visit there.

My name is Itay Rechav. I’m a 9th grader Jewish Ashkenazi from Petah Tikva. I’m from Rashish middle school and I’m in the honors program.

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Name: Benjamin Chelsky

School: Yachad High School
City: Modi’in
Israeli Jew from Canada
Love anyone who likes a good laugh.