Alumni Profiles:

Hi, my name is Sana Zahalka. I am a senior in Al Qasemi high school in Baqa Al-Gharbiyya, originally  from Kfar Qara. I’ve been a part of the MUN workd for four years now; participating in over 11 conferences as delegate, chair, and Secretary General.

To me, MUN was what helped break the barrier I had, which was the fear of public speaking; it helped shape my personality as well as my social skills, furthermore it has also given me a lot of tools that I have used in other parts of my life.
Surprisingly, I love school, I like knowing new things and reading, and alongside MUN, English and sciences are my favorite things about school.
When I’m not in school, you can find me either reading a book or playing the guitar, I also have participated in debate and peace programs such as Heart to Heart and Creativity for Peace- I’m currently a spokesperson for H2H and a young leader in CfP.
After I graduate, I want to do charity work, prepare to study medicine in university, and also travel. I really want to go to Europe especially Italy.

My name is Hala Majadly. I am a 12th grader in Al-Qasemi high school in Baqa Al-Gharbiyya, which is also my hometown.
In 9th grade, I joined this project that is called MUN, which makes this year my 4th year in  the MUN world. I have been to 10 conferences so far (that might be inaccurate because I lost counting at some point).
When people see me go to all these conferences with English coming out of my mouth, they ask me: “Hala, what do you really gain from making so much effort in making speeches and preparing for them?”. My answer is simple. I have gained political knowledge, self-confidence, new English words, new friends, and a better view of a brighter future (hopefully). Who knows…maybe my interest in the English language at school “dragged” me into this MUN project, and I’d certainly do it once again if I got the chance.
Besides all that serious stuff, I want to add that I love cats, chocolate, and Japan, which has been in my mind for a while, so maybe I’ll give it a visit someday.