Delegations Abroad

We have resumed international delegations. Upcoming DfP delegations include MUNOM (Malmo, Sweden, Nov. 2021) and MEDIMUN (Nicosia, Cyprus, Feb. 2022). For information on joining a delegation, contact us.

For information on prior delegations, see below:

BTMUN (May 2017; Romania)

UNHQ (August 2017; NYC)

European Parliament (October 2017; Belgium)

KIMUN (December 2017; Kosovo)

MEDIMUN (February 2018; Cyprus)

Oxford (November 2018, United Kingdom)

KIMUN (December 2018, Albania, Kosovo)

YMUN  (January 2019, US)

MEDIMUN (February 2019, Cyprus)

Empathy Storytelling (March 2019, Netherlands)

MUNOM (November 2019, Sweden)

Oxford (November 2019, United Kingdom)

YMUN (January 2020, US)

Johns Hopkins MUN (February 2020, US)