Outstanding Achievements

Debate for Peace students pursue outstanding achievements in a variety of ways, many related to the goal of youth leadership development and peacebuilding. We wish to recognize among these achievers:

Oren Gian: UN Security Council briefing on the Israel-Palestine issue, February 26, 2021.

Luna Abu Yunis: Presentation for UN Environment as part of World Cities Day 2020.

Both Debate for Peace teams: finalists in the YaleMUN 2021 Social Impact Challenge competition

The entire YaleMUN 2021 Delegation: Best Small Delegation Yale MUN 47

Oxford Global MUN 2018: 6 Awards (Best position paper- Alon, Best and outstanding Delegates- Aviv, Eliran, Yafa, Forat and Tal)

Shahar Tabenkin: Best Delegate in YaleMUN 48

GALMUN 2022: Idan Avni: Historical Security Council Best Delegate

Oxford Global 2019: Best Position paper (Teba)

Best Delegate and Outstanding Delegate in YMUN Asia 2021

MUNOM 2021: Best Delegate Plenary- Shahaf; Best first time: Alessio; Distinguished Delegate- Shahar

Eliran Ben Yair- Best Delegate, MEDIMUN 2019

Aviv Hanuka- Outstanding Delegate, YMUN 45

Aviv Hanuka and George Abu Daoud – Best Delegate awards, KIMUN (Kosovo)

Donia Daghash – DfP representative at the Youth for a Peaceful Europe conference in Hungary (2018); Hald Center volunteer in Norway (2018-2019)

Dovid Aiello and Reli Magnezi – DfP representatives at the Imagine Youth Peace Camp (2018) in Athens

Nooralhuda Hoji – DfP representative at the Asfar Sports for Peace program in Azerbaijan (2018)

Or Moshe – recipient of the youth service award for the Dan region (2018)

Tomer Dovzhenko – first place in Israeli national public speaking competition (2018)

George Abu Daoud, Malak Laham and Naim Mousa- participants in the Middle East Entrepreneurs of Tomorrow (MEET) program