What We Do

Debate for Peace (DfP) brings together Arab and Jewish students (ages 13-19) from all over Israel and Palestinian territories, to debate, negotiate and (attempt to) resolve the most pressing global conflicts and challenges.

Debate for Peace organizes the only Model UN conference series in Israel, and Jewish-Arab high school MUN delegations abroad. The DfP leadership program also organizes other programs, including youth leadership summits, visits with diplomats and foreign embassies, and special workshops and training seminars.

The program offers:

1. Opportunities for Jewish and Arab students who might never meet otherwise to have in-depth conversations, develop friendships, etc.
2. Negotiation skills, for resolving genuine conflicts and practice using those skills.
3. Training in how to disagree civilly. Students are asked to represent positions that they don’t necessarily support, and must do the best job they can. They don’t have to agree, but do have to try to understand each side’s arguments.
4. A focus on salient topics like conflicts in Syria, Yemen, Israeli-Palestinian conflict, a potential Israel-Iran crisis, etc.
6. Practice reaching compromises and achieving written solutions that pass consensus.
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