Hanna: 2019 Debate for Peace delegation to YMUN

Debate for Peace delegation to YMUN 2019

By Hanna Zohn

hanna 1

Hey, I’m Hanna from Mexico City. I came here to live in Israel and study high school here. This post is about our delegation to the conference in Yale (YMUN 2019) last winter.

This was our first delegation to this conference, we are the first and only delegation coming from Israel and this was their 45th conference.

We were a delegation with 9 students from 8 different cities in Israel. The two students from the same city in Israel were born in two different countries from South America. I’m one of them and Mihal is the other one. We have been studying in Israel since two years ago. Mihal is our direct student ambassador for Yale MUN, and she got us the opportunity to attend this incredible conference and make our dreams come true.

We took two flights and after long hours of preparing for the conference, we arrived in the airport of New York.

hanna 4

We took the local metro (an entire adventure for all of us) and arrived at our hotel, where we stayed for a few days. Each day we visited different places that our eyes will never forget, like the memorial to 9/11, the public library of NYC, buildings of the Jewish community in NY, the United Nations, we had a talk with a Rabbi and an Imam in the embassy of Kosovo, we also had the opportunity to meet with diplomats from the Swiss Mission to the USA, we visited Times Square, we met with the Imam who founded the first Muslim school in the Bronx, we took a ferry to see the Statue of Liberty, a few of us also had the opportunity to met with our relatives… A lot of things, I can’t list them all.

After that we took a train to New Haven to the conference. We had the opportunity to met with a professor from Yale University from Germany who studies Arabic and Arabic old texts. We also met with a law fellow at the university who helps to protect human rights in Gaza. After that we had a little class on Islam with our advisor. During that day we also ate the best pizza of New Haven.

hanna 2

The day of the conference, the was snow everywhere, we were nervous and then it started. We met people from all over the world in that conference. It was a four-day conference. For me it was complex and I learned a lot. 

Mihal won the prize for the best photograph sent, and Aviv, a student from Netanya, won Outstanding delegate in an advanced committee with just 10 delegates.

After the conference we had a layover in Italy. We spent 12 hours there and had the opportunity to go the most classic places in Rome. We had dinner at a Jewish Italian restaurant in the Rome Ghetto, and we saw the biggest synagogue that I’ve ever seen.

When we arrived back in Israel we were sad because it was all over too fast. We were also exhausted, we gave our 100% and we made new friends from all over Israel and all over the world.

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