Our Delegation to Oxford MUN

eliran 1Debate for Peace delegation to Oxford MUN  

By Eliran Ben Yair

Hey, my name is Eliran and I an 16 year old from Petah Tikva in Israel. This post is about our delegation to Oxford Global MUN last fall.

On November 15th we arrived in the UK after a nice flight.

We went to our hostel in the middle of the night, so all of us fell asleep during the walking. The weather was cold(very cold!) but even at night the view was amazing.

We woke up very early and we started the day with a very busy schedule: we went to the amazing US embassy building and we met the staff who work on youth engagement and CVE (countering violent extremism), then we went to meet a middle east specialist at the embassy and after that we had a beautiful tour in the embassy building.

After that we went to the Kosovo embassy and we had a great discussion with the Charge  d’Affaires (Heronia Telaku) and we ate a good lunch.

We took the train to our Airbnb in Oxford and at this moment we felt the stress… We knew that one of the biggest MUN conferences we have ever done is starting tomorrow and we will do our best in order to achieve an award!


We started the next day with a Juma’a prayer in the Muslim Center of Oxford and from there we went to the conference.

Students from all over the world came! From India, Canada, France and many more countries!

Me and my friends from DFP were very excited! We went to our committees and then the magic started.

The conference was very hard but eventually we all had a lot of fun.

I won’t tell about each one of the days because it was too long but all I can say is that at the end we brought a lot of pride to Debate for Peace because our group got the biggest number of awards!

W E    G O T  7 A W A R D S ! ! ! !

Everyone smiled and we were so happy!

eliran 2

After the conference we were hosted in the Jewish community. We visited the most amazing school I have ever seen in my life, “JCOSS“ school and we had some great discussions there with the students.

We toured a lot, we visited the Parliament, we went to the “Conciliation Resources” NGO, to meet the Behavioral insights team, we went back to the synagogue and then we came back home a day after.

eliran 3
Visiting the Parliament

This delegation to the UK was the best delegation I’ve ever had in my life.

I loved the UK and the people! I loved the amazing tours and the people we met!

I love the way we had a lot of cultural experiences with my friends and the most important things for me is the I am very happy that I won second place in my committee because it gave me the best excuse to go back next year!

Thank you for reading.



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