Taking Responsibility for Our Future



My name is Amit Davidovich, I am a high school student and soon to be 16.

As a teenager, I am always taught by adults to take responsibility.

I am taught to consider every step I take because each decision has consequences. I am taught to take care of others and to contribute as much as possible.

It is all nice, in theory, but these “adults” do not do everything they keep telling me.

When the government does not prevent sales of disposable plastic crockery or does not put too much effort into providing proper public transportation they do not set a good example.

I am part of a generation which will have to deal with all of the difficulties caused by the Climate Crisis. I know that my government has failed its job to take care, to think wisely, to take responsibility for their actions.


A few weeks ago, a Sweden teen named Greta Thunberg, started to strike. Hundreds of thousands joined her all around the world, from Belgium, England and Italy to name just a few countries.

The strike is the protest: we demand more, we require renewable energy; we care about ourselves and our future children.


We, as the Israeli youth are obligated to spread what Greta started, and so we did.

I am part of the leading group here in Israel. We gathered more than 1000 students in the first strike and it is called Strike For Future all around the world.

We will keep protesting until we can assure our future. Within 12 years the world will arrive at a certain point from which there is no way back unless we change ourselves. We all have bad habits, but disregarding the ongoing climate change issue is the worst.

On the yearly Climate March, we marched together, unified and powerful. We were 2000 students demanding a better world, clean air and a better future.

We are not green organizations or activists. We are citizens of the world who unfortunately have to protest for clean air.


This whole journey for me so far has been inspiring. We were heard in places I had never thought I could reach. We understood that it is bigger than conflicts, it is bigger than our country.

We understood we can achieve something which can make an actual difference.

Yes, the last few weeks have been busier than ever. In addition to the protest, we are high school students with all the pressure that comes with that. However, it was satisfying.

We are not done yet, there is still so much work to be done. We will continue to strike and protest till we get what we deserve. We deserve to keep living, to have children, to enjoy the benefits of our amazing planet while respecting and keeping it.



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