The Promised Neverland

bashar 2

The Promised Neverland by Bashar

The Promised Neverland is a Japanese TV series which talks about the dream land everyone wants to visit. In the small village I live in, the US is just like that Promised Neverland. So I was shocked when my teacher told me that I was going participate in the John Hopkins University Model United Nations, in Baltimore, USA.

Although it was my first time to go abroad without my family, I wasn’t scared or stressed at all. Each new opportunity I try just gets me more excited. Our group consisted of four Arab students and four Jewish students, through the program DfP (Debate for Peace), a program for educating the younger generation that there can be peace between Jews and Arabs.

To be honest at first I didn’t believe in the idea that Jews and Arabs could get along with each other but this trip changed my whole view about Jews. I discovered that they are very kind and nice people, and I’m still in touch with them so far!

The first station during the trip was New York City where we spent three days in a motel and visited many places such as the Statue of Liberty and met some important political people. It wasn’t easy to catch up with Steven’s fast walk but it was pretty funny😂.

The second station was Washington DC. I hoped to meet President Trump but unfortunately it wasn’t in our plan. At least we walked beside the White House and it wasn’t as I expected, it was bigger and more beautiful than we see in the movies. We met important people and visited places that I never thought I would ever enter in my life. But at least I could now cope with Steven’s fast walking😂

The last three days were the conference that was held in Baltimore hosted by John Hopkins University. The committee I was in talked about Brexit and post-Brexit (Britain exit from the European Union), and I represented the Member of the British Parliament Luciana Berger.

Even though it was a little bit difficult to debate with 86 delegates, they all were amazing and funny people.

The best part of the trip is that I got to know the Jewish students and their culture better than before. The previous idea I had is the opposite of what I discovered during this trip.

I’m very glad that I could make my parents proud of me and live up to my teacher’s expectations.



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