Learning about My Identity at Oxford


Hey my name is Ansam, I’m 16 years old, I am Palestinian and I was born in Israel. About a year ago Steven was invited to a meeting at my school, he told us about MUN, and we discussed some topics. After approximately two weeks, my teacher told me that I was chosen to attend an International conference at Oxford University. I was shocked because I had no idea yet about what to expect at conferences. 

I remember how scared I was in my first Model UN conference, and I was in the advanced committee! In my second conference I invested much effort and I felt a huge responsibility to do better. But unfortunately the second conference didn’t go well too. As the days went by I was getting more stressed and scared. I had to improve my English, to increase my confidence and my speaking skills. 

On 13.11.2019 the journey to London/Oxford started. I was so excited and nervous. We had many interesting meetings with magnificent people. The first meeting was with Professor Kimberley Trapp. She is a professor of public international law. We had about two meetings discussing the Palestinian-Israeli conflict, and these meetings made me realize more how much I struggle with my own personal identity. Every time we introduced ourselves in a meeting or to someone I felt lost and confused about telling who I am. 

In addition to the meetings that we had, we went to the embassy of Ecuador and the Kosovo embassy and it was truly astounding to learn more about these countries. The best part for me was the museums: The museum of natural history, National Gallery and the British museum.

My experience at Oxford was amazing although it wasn’t as I expected. I just wished that I was more prepared and ready. Besides all the fatigue and the stress, I had much fun with my friends and I met new people from different countries and cultures as well as making new friends. And I also tried some new dishes for the first time ッ 

A little while after the conference of Oxford, I attended the Hey MUN conference, where I won an award! And it was my first one and it felt so good;)♡


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