Student Diplomacy in Cyprus- Sharehan

It was a really amazing opportunity to achieve our goals and a worthy experience. Despite some social obstacles, the debate took its course… As a student in Debate ForPeace, I was really so proud and honored to participate in the MEDIMUN conference. It gave us new experiences for creating unlimited goals for ourselves, as it made us aware of our position towards our society by giving us confidence in ourselves and the opportunity to improve our abilities as young people. “Builders of the future” for making a positive change in our community to the next generations for better future✌.






In the debate, we had many wonderful opportunities to develop social skills and work to devise new ways to build bridges of peace, cooperation and brotherhood between all different communities. I am really fortunate and proud of myself for being a part of the debate. And, indeed, the world would benefit from more projects to achieve peace and success in all scientific fields. Traveling to Cyprus has played an important role in encouraging young generations to improve the future and make the place a peaceful and safe place. In the end, the main role in the society is we “young people”. We are the future generations. So we must believe in a good and beautiful future✌






By: Sharehan


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