Student Diplomacy in Cyprus- Malak

The weekend of the 9th-11th of February was a unique, fruitful, and educational weekend. In which, I learned a lot about countries, MUN conferences, and most importantly, about other people around me and myself. I learned that I could be living near a person who comes from a totally different background, but can still share a similar perspective with me concerning so many topics.
It was definitely not my first co-existence, bi-national and out of country experience, but it sure added *a lot* to my previously gained knowledge and to the idea of certain topics that I have been forming, for quite a few years within the beginning of my journey to co-existence.
Arabs, and Jews, *we* shared the same food, hostel, and jokes.
On Sunday we all together went into a Church: Christians, Muslims, and Jews.
As a Christian, it was normal for me to enter the Church, and the prayers were very familiar even though they’re in Greek, but for the hijabi Muslim and the Jew wearing a kippah, it might not have been. As where I still remember how people inside the Church were very surprised and looking at them constantly for the 5 minutes that we were inside. It surely wasn’t normal, but surely it was beautiful! I remember how my heartbeats were fast and focus on people around me was strong.
I wanted to read those people’ minds and know what they’re thinking, at last I looked behind me and there I saw a member of us explaining to a local citizen what is happening and why we’re here, which briefly comforted me, that our pure intention of love, unity, peace and co-existence, was actually being explained and passed in the right form.
As for the MUN conference it was my very first abroad and second at all, working and preparing for it was tough but very beneficial and knowledge gaining. It was very competitive and intense during the first day of lobbying time, to make sure that your opinion is heard and taken into consideration while forming resolutions, I had to use all of my leadership skills and experience and put it into action. At last, things were working out and I was doing well enough for the second conference, maybe the lack of experience made it harder for me to know how to find things to say and participate more in my committee, (when in addition it was the biggest committee in the conference). Yet, still, I cannot deny that watching other delegates act and speak had taught me a lot for the upcoming MUN conferences.


At last I would like to thank our amazing director Mr. Steven Aiello for all that he had done, whether it was taking a *huge* responsibility for 18 teens abroad or for being a peacebuilding teacher, or for being an example to each and every one of us of how to reach our goals and build a better future for ourselves and the ones around us in the beautiful world that we share.

By: Malak Lahham from Nazareth


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