Aviv’s Experience: The Trip to Kosovo



It took me a few days to process everything I experienced during my time in Kosovo as a part of the “Debate for Peace” MUN delegation.

Such a wonderful country with a great and interesting history and culture and even greater people.

The Kosovars who accompanied us during our stay there couldn’t have been more welcoming, the kindness and hospitality that was shown to us is definitely a thing that I will never forget!

Another thing that I found admirable is the freedom of religion in Kosovo, whether if it is the people who were so interested in my Jewish identity and Israeli ethnicity or whether is this one street that we saw which included a church, a mosque and a synagogue.

In terms of our delegation, I was lucky to meet such inspirational teenagers with such a diversity of ethnicity, religion and political stands.

We argued, we debated but mostly we loved each other, and that is the ideal of the relationships between different groups in our land, we do not have to agree but we have to respect and cooperate in order to see a brighter future!       

By: Aviv Hanuka


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