Alon Mor: Time for New Leadership

alon 3.jpg

My name is Alon Mor, almost 16 years old from Petah Tiqwa (a boring little city near Tel Aviv), and I study in Ben Gurion High School.

I have been in MUN and Debate for Peace for three years including this year. During this time, I have experienced many new interesting and unique things that I doubt I could have done if I wouldn’t have joined the team. I participated in many UN conferences, mostly here in Israel and one even in Romania, and traveled abroad to a Leadership Camp in Connecticut, in the US.


Participation in MUN has brought many benefits for me: My English has improved, I educated myself about different countries in the world, I met amazing people from amazing communities that I would not meet without this program and I improved my teamwork abilities, and now, I am more comfortable with such work.

Many countries have recently chosen young leaders to lead them for a better future: France elected a 35-year-old President, Austria chose a 31-year-old Chancellor…. So I believe we are “old enough” to try and work together, Arabs and Jews, to build trust and aim for a better future (certainly our leaders aren’t very good at it). Call me “naïve”, I don’t give up.




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