KIMUN: A Unique Trip

By Noam Williams



Let’s begin from the end. I know that i’ll come back to Kosovo and I’ll continue being in touch with my friends from the delegation and my Albanian friends.

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Meeting the head of the Jewish community

On 29.11 me and 10 students from all over the country: 5 muslim arabs, 5 jews  ( including me) and 1 christian flew to Kosovo. Before the flight I didn’t know much about Kosovo or about the kids that flew with me, but now sitting in my house in Netanya four days after I came back I can say that I met some amazing kids  and I discovered a unique country with a unique culture and some warm people.


When we arrived at the hotel, the best moment of the trip for me happened.

 At 11:59 PM, all the delegation were in the lobby with me and we counted the seconds  till my birthday. And at 00:00  all of the delegation sang happy birthday to me in three different languages: english, hebrew, and arabic,. It was really unique and in that moment I understood that this was a unique trip and that these kids are my friends.



My birthday. We went in the morning to the UN mission to Kosovo they explained to us about their work and their project. I really liked that meeting because my dream job is to work in the UN.


After this we went to a big shopping center where we bought present for our families, and afterwards we met some of our Albania friends. In the beginning i was scared because they were older than us by 5 years. But they sang to me happy birthday in Albanian!

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The first day of the conference we met our Albanian and Turkish friends from the american school in Kosovo.  

We spoke about sports and hobbies in our countries  and had fun



We went to Prizren one of the  most beautiful cities i ever saw.

But before we arrived there we stopped in the house of the Albanian/Kosovo national hero (Adem Jashari) his story was really sad. Afterwards we went to Prizren where we visited a unique road. This road included a sufi mosque a Sunni mosque, an Albanian church and a serbian orthodox church and a jewish center which is still being built. We met the head of the jewish community, and I translated for him from french to English, and we also met the head of the Catholic church and the head of a Sufi community

Meeting those people that live in peace was really inspirational and unique  


Meeting the head of the Halveti community


The first day of the mun. It was really fun and challenging it was fun representing the country that i got and i really  had fun with they other kids.  



The last day. It was a full and hard day

In the morning we did check out i was really sad because i understood that it’s my last day in this amazing country.


We went to Kosovo parliament for the last session of the mun. At the end of the conference, after all the pictures, we  all signed  each other on the signs of the state. We arranged to meet in the evening with the friends from the American school and went to speak with the representative from the American Embassy. The representative explained to us about her life as a diplomat and explained to us her difficulties in work.

Then we went to a restaurant and talked to different people

And then we went to meet with the only family from Kosovo who has been recognized so far by Yad Vashem as חסידי אומות עולם . They explained to us about Besa, something that I personally think should be explained to every Israeli wherever he is. After the conversation we went out for two hours with our friends from the American school. We took photos . They came with us to the hotel and told us all to see each other in the hope that we would meet again.

Then we went to the airport and realized that it’s the end of the trip . I’ll come home with all my experiences and all my new friends.

I knew that I would return to Israel and tell everyone about the most enjoyable trip.

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