Volunteering Event

On April the 21st, our group volunteered to help take care of kids in a kindergarten in south Tel-Aviv, as a way to strengthen the sense of community in a place where it is much needed,  as well as empowering the sense of team work and self worth.

Our group is constructed of about eleven 16-19 year old students who come from all over Israel, starting with Kufr Bara All the way to Gedera, and who come from different religious backgrounds. Here is some of the feedback we got from the kids:

“It was an amazing experience,
I really enjoyed it even though it was a little bit tiring. So happy that I got to meet the lovely children. Hope that we could do it again:)”

-Donia Daghash

“The other day was a great experience even though there were some challenges with people, I enjoyed having fun with the kids”

-Serena Bush

“I think it was a good experience to volunteer in tel aviv
But it was. Hot outside and we didnt have that much fun

-Lana Wattad




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