MEDIMUN 2018: People to People Diplomacy

By: Jude

The process of the trip, and the trip itself, all happened in the whim of an eye. I, being a mere MUN ‘trainee’ with no experience at the time, had heard of the MEDIMUN delegation and decided to give it a shot, making my first time a delegate my most memorable experience so far.

Workshops, research, and learning had to be done before the actual delegation. After a few weeks full of that, it was time for us to go to Cyprus. The first night was hard and uncomfortable, I didn’t really know anyone yet and was about to spend the next 3 days with them; the thought of it was a bit scary to be honest.


I learned a lot within the three days that were spent there. A lot that I haven’t realized before as a Palestinian individual. Rather than going into the “Jewish-Arab coexistence, peace, and love” mush, I’d like to write about how talking with the people I’ve spent time with there made me grow a bit as a person; I had a talk with a Catholic and a Jew about belief and similarities in Israeli history in comparison with Palestinian history, I had a talk with a multilingual, potential psychologist about music, languages, and life, I told a girl a series of life stories that had happened to me and it made her laugh, which in turn, made me laugh. I made friends I don’t think I’ll be able to ever let go of. Not to mention the relations that were made with the Jordanian delegation and the Shanghai delegations, who were the two other foreign delegations in MEDIMUN.

If I were asked to go to MEDIMUN with DFP again, I’d do it without thinking twice.



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