Finding a Family in Kosovo

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Debate for peace delegation to kosovo

By: Ella Justus Segal, 10th grade student from Israel

In December me, and 12 other students went  to Kosovo, with Steven, our advisor and the debate for peace director.

It was my first time flying abroad without my parents and needless to say, I was excited and nervous, not only the nervousness of flying, but also the fear from a model UN conference with university students, and to add some stress, the group of people that went with me, were all new people to me.

I’ve decided to write this blog post because only after I came back I got how much this experience shaped me, shaped me to be a better and wiser person. The friends that I now have from this delegation saw me in my highest and lowest points, and in those moments, that’s what really brought us closer together.

The first day we were all very tired and grumpy from 12 hours of traveling and not enough sleep.

By the second day we got to know each other better and got out of our shells, we had to catch a bus from Albania to Kosovo and we had to walk 40 minutes with suitcases, the first time that we understood that we are a group, and we need to help each other and ignore what we think about the person based on their race, color of their skin etc…

The third day was the first day of the conference and we were all nervous, we calmed each other down and helped each other prepare for the first day.

I can keep listing each day and say what happened that day but I think I can summarize what I want to say without it.

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What we experienced was an amazing experience that taught us all patience and care about each other. We learned it by late night conversations about the Israeli Palestinian conflict, by sleeping in the same room with a person that we know little to nothing about, we learnt it with days of traveling and being far from home, with no family that can help us, and in times of crisis we had to talk to each other, to help each other, and care about each other.

When we came back to Israel we were all shocked that those seven days were over so quickly, we hugged and cried in the airport, saying that we will miss each other so much, and in that moment I realized that even though some of them live three hours away from me, they will still be a family to me.

Thank you so much for reading!

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